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About us

Loriga Graniti was founded in the 60s, working on the extraction and marketing of blocks of granite and stone splitting, using tools and ancient techniques handed down from generation to generation.
Over time, the company has gradually moved to the production of semi-finished products (slabs) and the transformation of the same, creating both industrial supplies such as flooring and wall coverings, and artistic and commissioned works for cathedrals, airports and private villas in Italy and abroad with finishes that can be half-tipped, bush-hammered, flamed, antiqued, polished and honed.
Today the company extracts a type of granite found only in a specific area of Sardinia: the Yellow San Giacomo, which takes its name from the unique warm and uniform color of this material and from the location from which it is quarried.
Thanks to product marking and the Ec-type examination for export which distinguishes its quality and uniqueness, it has quickly become one of the most sought-after materials in Europe.
The Bianco Gallura granite is extracted from the same quarry, a commercial material also supplied with the Ec type-examination certification, in white / light gray with warm and rosy tones that make it unmistakable compared to Sardinian granites already present on the domestic and foreign market.

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