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Flooring and Coverings

Granite and stone cladding

Loriga Graniti over time has worked on the realisation of important public works such as squares, airports and churches, creating pavings, claddings, altars, lecterns, baptismal sources, tombstones and so on.
The firm has also worked on numerous private works, collaborating with the most famous international architects for the creation of prestigious villas, and the restoration of luxury hotels.

Prestigious services

In addition to the sale of semi-worked slabs, the company carries out customised and tailor-made works, realized with the most innovative equipment on the market, and using the ancient techniques of manual processing with the chisel, handed down from father to son for generations. Solutions in stone, granite, marble and quartz, able to satisfy every taste and request.


Loriga Graniti has been on the granite market for over 60 years. Over time it has managed to establish itself by demonstrating professionalism, trust, quality and accurate personalization of the artifacts (see pictures of the coverings made).

Irregular split coverings


Regular split coverings


Perfect split coverings


Outdoor floors

Thanks to the continuous investment in production processes and in the search for quality, Loriga Graniti supplies granites and natural stones that represent the best products that can be found on the market. Outdoor flooring and coverings are created for all needs, complete and accurate workmanship.


Internal floors

The investment in production processes and in the search for high quality solutions are just some of the characteristics of Loriga Graniti of Sant’Antonio di Gallura. We make interior and exterior flooring, coatings for all requests, customised workings, complete and accurate in every detail.