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Materials and Services

Loriga Graniti produces a great variety of natural stones through a selected choice of Italian and international products. Moreover it offers composite materials like quartz and OKITE (a very strong quartz-resin surface); these are selected, high quality products with an EC-type examination certificate for the foreign market.The “San Giacomo” yellow and the “Gallura” white granite are widely appreciated and highly demanded.
The firm provides service of extraction of granite blocks out of property quarries, transformation of stones into slabs, customisation of the products chosen by the clients and ships in Italy and worldwide.

Giallo San Giacomo

  • G.S.Giacomo Bocc.

  • G.S.Giacomo Fiammato

  • G.S.Giacomo M.Punta


Bianco Gallura (o Bianco San Giacomo)

  • Bianco San Giacomo Bocc.

  • Bianco San Giacomo Fiamm.

  • Bianco San Giacomo Lucido

  • Bianco San Giacomo M. Punta


Rosa Ghiandone

  • Rosa Ghiandone Fiammato

  • Rosa Ghiandone Granigliato

  • Rosa Ghiandone Lucido

  • Rosa Ghiandone Mezza Punta


Marmo Orosei

  • Marmo Orosei Levigato

  • Marmo Orosei Anticato

  • Marmo Orosei Acidato E Spazzolato

  • Marmo Orosei Granigliato

  • Marmo Orosei Lucido


Sardinian granite, international granite and quartz

The company extracts two very peculiar types of granite: The yellow “San Giacomo” granite, named after its unique place of origin, featuring a warm and unique shade of yellow. The white “Bianco Gallura” granite. This type of granite is a combination of white and light grey with warm shades of rose. An iconic product that stands out from the others on the market.
Loriga Graniti selects and offers also international high quality granite and marble. The company has been on the market for 3 generations and provides the clients with an excellent knowledge of the raw materials.
For further information on the products and on the services please contact the firm by email or by calling +39 0789.27141.